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For movie clips and discussion of common soccer feints - (click here)
For movie clips and instructional GIF's of Basic Soccer Tactics and Simple Combo Play- (click here)
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King's Favorite Drills
Soccer Tennis
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How would you like to have your players become experts at juggling, volleys, half-volleys, headers, head-traps, chest-traps, thigh-traps, toe-lifts, team play and communication?
Play "Soccer Tennis".

-The 500 Fakes-
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This is my favorite way to warm up and work on important touches and fakes. As the team becomes more familiar with these moves they will be able to link them together like a Weils Coerver movie and complete the entire warm up in less than 10 minutes. After a few weeks the players will be able to do these skills unconsciously and that's when they will begin to show up on game day.

Charlton Athletic Drills & Small Sided Games
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This is "flat-out" the best DVD for practical drills on improving ball movement, receiving on the half-turn, defense, layoff passing and more advanced shooting concepts. If you want to own just DVD for small sided games - THIS IS IT!
Believe me, I have seen dozens of DVD's, tapes and books and this one makes sense. The drills work through sensible progressions from simple concepts to the more complex. The grids are easy to lay out and the games are fun. I guarantee that you can incorporate these progressions into your next practice.
Coach Terry Westley from England's Charlton Athletic Club leads you through these time proven drills that they use with the Charlton Youth teams. Click Here and go to their section on videos/DVD's and enter product # RV7682.

You're Outta Here!
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This is a great little small-sided scrimmage drill that varies from 1v1 up to 4v1. It is face paced and emphasizes 2 touch passing and patience on offense. On defense it rehearses the concept of clearing the ball against "odd-man" rushes.
And it's just plain FUN!

Moving Triangles
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This passing and receiving drill is an essential part of every practice session, for any age group. It forces player movement with and without the ball. It can be run solely as a drill or "morphed" into any number of games, with and without defense, shots and feints.

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This is initially a 1 v 1 defensive oriented drill designed to rehearse the "get in the way" then "turn them away" then "take it away" approach. Later extra players should be added for beginning "team" defensive concepts, especially second defender covering positions and outlet passing.

Zig-Zag 'ometrics
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Here is a little conditioning exercise that addresses quickness in the all important "first three steps". You can add this pattern onto scores of other drills to add to their intensity.

Home "Soccerplay"
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This section is devoted to simple games and drills that parents can do with their soccer playing kids in the driveway, backyard or basement. Come on! Get your crosstrainers on and get in on a little father(mother) / daughter(son) time. It may even burn a few calories.

Round the World
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This is a shooting drill loosely patterned after the "age-old" basketball shooting game.

World Cup
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Here is a fun little contest that recreates some of the chaos in front of the goal with a corner kick or set piece attempt leading to lots of scoring chances off flighted balls.

  .....more drills on the way....

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  Strongsoccer staff Jim & Beth King discuss
the 3:5:2 at the local cantina.
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