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Movie Clips of Common Soccer Feints
-From King's 20 minute "Mini-practice" and the 500 fakes-
(The complete drill utilizes at least 500 touches,feints and fakes) - (click here)
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-You'll need one thousand "reps" at home....
another hundred tried in practice.....
.....to see just one on game day, under pressure.-

e-Flashcards Page 1

-Click the "" to access a video clip of the feint-





(aka - Stepover)


(aka - "L" Underneath)
Pull "V"
(aka - Puskas)

Pull Back


Outside-In Swerve
(aka - Drag Swerve, Flip Flap, Reverse Matthews)
Inside-Out Swerve
(aka - Touch N Go)


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If you are not practicing (at home), someone else out there, will be....
When you meet them, they will win.
 - paraphrased from  finesoccer.com

e-Flashcards Page 2

-Click the "" to access a video clip of the feint-
Inside Cut


Stop and Go
(aka - Beardsley, Swivel)


(aka - Matthews Scissors, Swerve Scissors)
Full Preki
(aka - Drag Roll Stepover)

Flying Cryuff
(aka - Christiano Ronaldo,
the Scotch)

(aka - Maradona, Zidane,

Shield Turns,
Inside & Outside


3 Masters

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"Prepare - Control - Play!"
Without "first touch control" - we can only watch...

 About the e-flashcards:

-Initially, browse through the various feints listed below to reacquaint yourself and the player with the different names and terms.

Beneath each listed feint are links to clips on the web that should help demonstrate the motion. These are marked with a "".   You can use the video links to remind the players what the feint really looks like.".

-Encourage the young players to view these links often.

-Please note that naming these moves is an inaccurate science and many have several names. I've done considerable research on the terminology but I'm sure I've made some mistakes. For those, I apologize in advance. Please email me and we can discuss and improve. (jbmgreen@yahoo.com) To further confuse the issue there are subtle differences between some of the feints that only the purists may want to address. For instance the in-outside swerve can be done with 2 separate touches, (called a Matthews), or one continuous sweep, (called the swerve), or can be initiated with a drag roll, (called the drag-swerve).
-My feeling is that if a young player gets good at any of these - it is GREAT - no matter what the terminology, or which variation they choose. Thus, some of the demonstration clips may show some of these variations without really explaining the subtle differences. Also, some of the pro footage shows combinations of feints, only one of which applies to that particular flashcard.
But it's all good!

-The card sheets represent only a handful of possible feints but most of the main moves are listed.

-You should be able to print the pages below and later cut the tables into individual flash cards to make a deck. If your browser is having trouble printing the sheet all on one page try printing each page separately with these links.   Page1    Page2

-One activity is to shuffle the deck and start a timer. Call out each move and the young player has to perform it once correctly with each foot. Continue through the deck until the last card and stop the timer. Remember the time and challenge the players to beat their previous record.
-A variation involves dealing 2 cards out at once so the player must link 2 feints before moving on to the next 2 cards. For example they might need to do a Scissors into a Backwards "L".
-Make up your own variations. Perhaps the player picks 2 cards and must do the moves correctly around discs or a defender on the 18 to get a shot on goal.

J. A. King and strongsoccer.com

Success is a journey.......
......not a destination!

            - Winston Churchill

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  Strongsoccer staff Jim & Beth King discuss
the 4:2:3:1 at the local cantina.

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