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A Collection of Goalkeeping
Warm-ups, Drills and Activities
{short description of image}
Detailed Goalkeeping Drills
Here is a collection of Goalkeeping Warm-ups and Drills to try and help add more variety to goalkeeping training sessions. We all know how often the goalkeeper is neglected and left standing in the goal during field drills. On the other hand, many field coaches really don't have a lot of ideas on how to approach goalie training. The following drills can provide dozens of ideas on how to effectively warm-up, train goalkeepers and keep the sessions interesting. If pressed for time, a head coach could have an assistant learn some of the drills and begin some focused keeper training.
The drills and warm-ups have been selected from countless DVD's, videos, books and coaching courses. It will take some time to read through all the information, but it should be worth the effort and may help keep the goalkeeping training sessions more interesting. The "brief descriptions" are sometimes pretty sketchy, but if you ever have any questions about any drill, or would like to discuss anything related, please feel free to email me. I will gladly try to provide more detailed explainations and exchange ideas.
This page addresses drills only and not technique. To learn the basic hand/body positions and proper movements for flops and dives, I highly recommend Tony Waiters' goalkeeping videos. - Go to Videos and DVD's and enter product #24011 and #24022.
This page will probably not print well. I have included links below to a printer-friendly version of the drills in a condensed form, that one could take out to the field for a prompt.

-Link to condensed Gk Drills List-

Warm-ups Hands Drills Footwork
and Movement
Flopping Smothering
& Diving
Breakaways Reflex Drills Salmon Leaps - Punches & Parries Kicking & Throwing
Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Drill Class Brief Description  
Field Skills W/Fd/Tk -Foot/Thigh/Chest/Head Controls from toss
-Juggling skills
-Chest or thigh touch to instep volley back to partner who tosses ball
-2 and 1 touch passing
W/Fw -Pairs of Gks without balls, face each other.
-Gk1 (or coach), is the leader and shuffles left/right/up/back while Gk2 shadows every move like a mirror image
-Gk1 can break into jog or sprint, do simple dives, sommersaults, and imaginary salmon leaps or high catches with one knee up and Gk2 copies, then switch.

-also see "Shadow Diving" below.
{short description of image}
Bounce & Catch W/H -Simple 2 handed bounce off ground with correct "W" hands catch.
-Bounce under the leg and catch.
-Pound down with fist for bounce with catch.
-High bounce with knee-up leap and high "W" catch.
-High bounce in pairs, catch partners high ball and they catch yours.
Ball Rolling W/H -Rolling figure "8's" on ground around each leg.
-Same motion but swing the ball thru the legs in the air.
-Short rolls front to back between legs catch the ball with both hands, fingers extended.
-Same with catches in the air between the legs, front to back and vesa versa.
-Crossed hands between legs, switch and catch ball in the air before bounce.
-On back in crunch position with legs up in the air, roll figure "8's" thru legs in air, while maintaining crunch.
-With both hands hold ball behind head, drop and catch with both hands behind back.
Crunches and Catches W/H/Tk
-Pairs sit up with a crunch type sit-up and toss ball using 2 hands over head, to partner for correct "W" hands save, repeat.
-Gk2 drops ball for an instep volley to Gk1 for high "W" catch in sitting position, who then falls off to the side, (ball in outstetched hands). Then immediately Gk1 makes a 2 hand, "over the head" throw back to Gk2 from the ground, and then crunches/recovers back up to sitting position, repeat - very important
-Gk1 sits up & tosses to Gk2 for a chest control and return with a soft instep volley back to Gk1, repeat.

(Here is the basic pattern
for the "Crunch Catches".
However, the above GIF is based on a kneeling Gk)
Jog & Catch W/H/Fd/
-Pairs jog the touchlines and:
-2 and 1 touch passing, also dribbling feints with immediate pass to partner.
-Gk1 rolls ball to Gk2 who "squares" to pass for "scoop" save, (while moving)
-Repeat with higher throws for stomach, chest, face and high catches using scoops or high "W"'s.
-Emphasize the turn and side-shuffling to "square" to the pass for the catch (and yelling "keeper")
-Coach can occasionally yell "go" or blow whistle for occasional 5-10 second sprints by both Gk's.
Jog & Smother W/H/D -Pairs of Gk's jog a line, one behind the other. Gk1, in the back has a ball.
-Gk1 rolls the ball softly forward just slighlty past Gk2 to either the left or right.
-Gk2 stretches out and makes a smothering flop, with good form and then immed. recovery to standing just as Gk1 jogs past to the front.
-Now Gk2 has the ball, catches up with Gk1 and repeats.
{short description of image}
"Iron Cross" W/C -Gk1 is on ground, on back in crunch position, torso & legs off the ground
-Gk1 also balances ball with feet and arms are spread out to sides level with ground, hence the "cross" shape.
-Gk2 "2" foot jumps over outstretched arms and legs of Gk1 around in circle, twice while Gk1 holds the position.
-Repeat 2-3 times and switch
W/G -Too many young keepers are too quiet
-Have a yelling session where the group yells important keeper commands together.
-"KEEPER!" - "AWAY - AWAY!" - "3 IN THE WALL!" - "CLEAR IT!"
{short description of image} -Then have a game where each Gk tries to out yell the others (and coach).
-The winner may get out of crunches or sprints......
Kicks &
W/Tk -Every warm-up should work in at least several dozen long "goal kicks", some punts and throws. Even if it is as simple as kicking and throwing back and forth For more ideas see section on "Kicking and Thowing" below.
Weave Rolling W/D -3 players do the "weave" while doing little flop dives over each other towards the middle, like shuffling the 3 cards in "3 card Charlie".  

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Hands Drills (almost a practice in itself)
Drill Class Brief Description  * Hands in front! - Attack the ball! *  
H/D/Rx -Gk pairs kneel and face each other.
-2 handed throws over the head, with correct 2 handed catches, then1 handed throws with 2 hand catches.
-toss and throw with a 1 handed clutch and catch against the body.
-toss the ball up to Gk for a "volleyball" push return.
-toss and return with hard open handed "slap", 2 hands and 1 hand
-toss for 2 and then 1 handed "controlled" punch returns to the server.
From kneeling position, (and standing position for more advanced Gks):
-rolled balls to left and right with simple "flop" dive and smother
-vary the pace and serve some lightly tossed balls to left and right for correct "flop" dive with good mechanics.
-Have Gk1 or coach serve 10 balls to Gk2 and then switch. After the Gk saves the ball and flops over, have them immediately make a 2 handed throw from the ground, over their head, back to the server. They should use the momentum of this movement to "snap back" into the ready position, either kneeling or standing. -Very important.
-The Gk making the save can be instructed to toss the ball back to the coach's hands or to his feet for an immediate serve back to the other side.
{short description of image}- Then set up cone goals behind each Gk, and have a game of "flop" Gk's zip the balls at each other for lateral flops and low dives, keep score. If you have 3 Gk's, arrange 3 cone goals in a triangle, or 4 goals in a square with 4 Gk's. Have lots of balls on hand.

{short description of image}
-Standing pairs toss and then throw into each other with pace, for catches. Use rollers, bouncers, chest catches , high "W" catches.
-Gk1 volley kicks into standing Gk2 who saves and volley kicks back.
-Gk1 rolls ball to Gk2 and follows the path of the ball for light interference of Gk2's scoop save.
-same as above but Gk2 scoops ball forward into lunge or flop with smother.
-Gk1 bounces ball hard for high "W" save by Gk2, and follows for light interference, (yell "keeper!").
{short description of image} -have a contest, each Gk serves 10 high balls, and then runs passive interference, switch and keep score. See who can catch the most.
- For a reaction variation, have Gk2 facing away and Gk1 lightly serves ball, (underhanded), to upper back/shoulders, when Gk2 feels the ball, they turn to catch or smother.

(shadow footwork cont.)
H/D/Rx -Pairs of Gks face each other like the shadow footwork warmup, but now with one ball.
-Gk1 with ball moves up/back/left/right (shuffling or running) with good footwork while Gk2 follows in mirror image, and then Gk1 tosses or rolls ball for Gk2 save. Tthen it's Gk2's turn.
-encourage sprints and sommersaults by the Gk with the ball, before the toss and save. Move all over the place.
-While moving in mirror image, Gk1 says "ready" or "turn"and Gk2 turns away (back to Gk1) while continuing to shuffle down a line. Then Gk1 yells "go" and tosses/rolls ball for Gk2 to turn back around and react for a save - then switch.

(crunches cont.)
-Gk's sit with outstretched legs, facing each other.
-Gk1 with ball lays back then "crunches" and sits up to throw ball to Gk2, alternate.
-same but Gk2 parries ball back volleyball style after crunch, switch after 10
-same but with controlled punches, switch after 10
-Gk1 rolls ball to side of Gk2 who flops to save, then Gk2 immediately "two" hand tosses ball back to Gk1 from ground, using the momentum to recover back upright, repeat to other side -very important (10 reps)
H/D/Rx -Gk1 side shuffles between goal posts or cones and saves from a server at each end.
-All saves from simple collections to high catches to dives and parries. Can be done with 2 Gk's simultaneously.
{short description of image}
H/D/Rx -Gk1 in net tosses ball to Ch for immed. volley back and save. Non-stop serves and volleys. Can use Gk2 and 2 balls. Have Gk1 side-shuffle back and forth while serving.  
H/D/Rx -Circle of Gks or players and Gk1 in center. One at a time, each circle player volley kicks or hand throws a ball for Gk1 to save. Keep the tempo up. Don't always go in order, but have circle players mix up the kicks. {short description of image}
Catch or
H/D/Rx -Set up goal mouth or use goal. Have Gk1 set up 3 feet off goal line. Server throws and later kicks crosses towards Gk1. Gk1 must yell "Keeper!" or "Away!" and react appropriately.
-Add other players for passive interference. Make catches if possible, otherwise punch or parry decisively.
{short description of image}-Have a game where Gk1 and Gk2 fight each other for catch or parry using reasonable interference and body positioning. Start by having the interferring Gk keep arms at their side. Later, have them both try for the ball. For fun, let them really grapple before catch.
{short description of image}

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Footwork and Movement- Drills
Drill Class Brief Description  
* Balance - Stay Square to the ball - "Ready/Set/Save*  
H/Fw/D -Similar to 2 servers drill above.
-One or two Gk's each near the goalpost. First they side shuffle back and forth across goalmouth to opposite post
-Then have them avoid each other and perhaps obstacles, flags, kneeling players, etc.
-Then coach or players begin serving saves (hi/middle/low/flops) at each post for Gk save.
-Then have solo Gk shuffle (a) across goalmouth for 1st save, but follow with immediate dropstep run (b) to opposite post for imaginary leap for high parry, or flop for low save on stationary ball.
-Later add actual saves on tossed and kicked balls. Do same with dropstep run for low flop/dive at opposite post.
-Finally do all of the above but change from shuffles and dropstep runs to Kangaroo hops, one legged hops, crawls and sommersaults across goalmouth - for conditioning. Add obstacles like a soccer bag, cones, or a hurdle to add difficulty.
-Do the same drill but have Gk1 start by kicking or rolling the ball out to the coach who first times it for the first save.
{short description of image}
-2 Gk's shuffling, avoiding
and saving-

{short description of image}
-1 Gk with 2 saves-
"Square of
-First find about 6-10 balls and scatter them out in a cone square about 20x20.
-Gk enters square moving in "gorilla-like" shuffle to each ball, and makes save.
-Save on each ball with a variety of saves. Bent-knee scoop, side flops or front scoop lunge until all balls are contacted. Gk's should finish each save with the ball "in the bank" or smothered, then recover and return to coach with roll or throw. Have races, keep time. Emphasize footwork.
-Use 2 Gk's racing at the same time to save every ball, interfering with each other.
-Use 2 Gk's. Gk1 one flops to save, then stands up and bounces ball high for Gk2 to save with leaping catch.Coach can provide passive interference. Or Gk1 can hurl the ball at the goal where Gk2 defends.
{short description of image} -Use 2 Gk's. Scatter the balls just outside PK spot, and after Gk1 finishes the save they recover upright and either javelin throw, or roll, or volley kick ball at net where Gk2 makes save. Count off a time limit, keep score and switch roles. {short description of image}-Or set up the same but have Gk1 distribute the ball to a cone target goal out on the flank for points after save.
{short description of image}
-Basic Minefield
{short description of image}
-Gk1 saves on a stationary ball and then hurls or kicks at Gk2
of the
-Similar to the above drill, but instead of scattering the balls randomly - arrange them straight out from each post towards the 18yd. line.
a.) Once again, Gk shuffles out "gorilla-like" and makes save on ball after ball, (scoops, lunges and flops), (on the flops have the head to the outside and proper flop body position.)
b.) After each save is protected (put "in the bank"), or smothered, the Gk hurls or volley kicks the ball to coach/Gk2, or through cone targets, and then quickly shuffles backwards to goal line, touches the line or cone and then shuffles quickly out to the next ball for another save and then back to the line, etc.
{short description of image} -Set a time limit and keep score how many balls are distributed to the target. Emphasize quick recovery.
-Make the targets increasingly difficult

{short description of image}
-Running the balls
Zig-zags H/D/Fw -Set up a line of stakes/cones/discs out from goalmouth just past 6yd. line, about 4ft. apart.
-Gk's shuffle out zig-zag style thru the stakes, staying square to the "shooter".
-The shooter is the coach who serves or kicks a shot for the Gk at the end of the stakes, (lunges, scoops, flops and dives).
-Place a hurdle (16-20") at the end of the stakes for Gk to jump and then save. ("save 1" in the diagram)
-Then move the "zig-zag" stakes out from each other so the Gk really has to shuffle left and right before jump and save.
-Add a second save. Have Gk make save at end of zig-zags then dropstep run to opposite post to save on stationary ball or served ball or high parry. ("save 2" in the diagram)
-Another variation is having Gk finishing zig-zags and then backpedaling back to a goal line cone, and then Gk shuffles or runs to opposite post for 2nd save.
{short description of image} -Once again, set up a cone target goal or target player up the flank and after the second save the Gk must distribute accurately for 1 point. Keep score. Emphasize quick recovery.
{short description of image}
-Simple Zigzag & save
{short description of image}
-Zigzag with jump and 2 saves
C/Fw -Set up a low (16-20") hurdle (or line of cones, or string between 2 flags) off to the side of a goal post, perpindicular to the end line. (I use two "bike flags" or plastic stakes with a string or long bungee cord strung between them, but you can buy actual adjustable jumps that you can use with your plyometric training with all the players.)
-Begin a progression of jumps over the hurdle followed by crawls under the bar, followed by one or more saves. Later set up 1 or 2 more hurdles for more complex jumping, crawling and saving.
Basic concept
{short description of image}

Here is a sample progression.
-First with one hurdle set up.
1. Gk begins on outside of hurdle and then 2 foot jumps over the bar, goes to "gorilla" set position and saves shot from coach.
2. Then have Gk start on the inside, 2 foot jump out and immediately jump back in for a set postion and save.
3. Then have Gk jump out and in as above but this time have Gk jump into the save without a set. This will be an actual dive over the bar for more advanced keepers. You may want to lower the hurdle at first, for less advanced Gk's.
4. Then begin adding the crawls. Have the Gk start on the inside and belly crawl out under the bar, recover to standing, and 2 foot jump over the same bar for a set position and save.
5. Do the reverse of the above drill with a jump out followed by a crawl back in for an immediate save with our without time for a set position.
6. Now begin adding more hurdles. Try setting up a second hurdle further out from the first. Have Gk crawl under the first, then dash to the second hurdle for a jump and save. Or Gk could jump out, crawl back and then dash to jump the second hurdle.
7. With the same set-up add second saves. For instance, have Gk crawl out under the first hurdle, jump back in for a save, then immediately dash to the second hurdle for a jump (or crawl) and second save.
8.Set up a third hurdle. Create your own combination of jumping, crawling, saving and dashing to the next jump.
-Add distributions to the saves by placing a cone goal or target person out on the flank for a javelin throw. Keep score.
-If stakes are not available, use players instead. Have one player with legs wide for Gk to crawl thru, then another player bent over for Gk to piggyback hurdle. Then serve ball for save.
{short description of image}-Have a game. Set up some hurdles for jumps and crawls with the last hurdle out by the Pk spot. Start your timer and have Gk1 do the jumps/crawls and save, but then Gk1 immediately puts the ball down out past the Pk for a shot on Gk2 who tends the net. Keep the watch going and see how many Gk1 can score in 60 seconds and then switch.

{short description of image}
-Simple 1 jump in

{short description of image}
-Jump out and then jump or crawl in for save

{short description of image}
-Multiple jumps and crawls with 2 saves

{short description of image}
-Game with multiple jumps, crawl and save followed by shot on Gk2
3 Goal
C/Fw -Set up 2 more stake goals to left and right of real goal. Number each goal from 1 to 3. Call number and Gk adjusts to cover that goal as Ch shoots. Repeat non-stop x 6.
-Also, set up only one extra goal, (2 total). One goal will be "odd", the other "even". Shout out math problems, if answer is even go to that goal, etc. (Try with 3 goals as well.)

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Flopping, Smothering & Diving
Drill Class Brief Description * Emphasize proper form, hands in front, move to the front, do not fall back, "W" or contour shape, ground as the third hand, shoulders square, no belly flops or back rolls.*
*These are diving drills, not conditioning drills. Do not over-use for risk of injury.*  

"Six Shot"
D/W -Great Warm-up. No balls necessary and from 1 to 4 Gk's spread out and face coach. Gk's will make imaginary saves to L and R as coach points his arms down and out to the side. Watch for proper form and quick recovery! Make sure Gk's bounce right back up.
-Point straight downfor a flop, down at 45 degrees for small dive, and straight out to the side for lateral dive.
-With young or beginning Gk's substitute the bigger lateral dive with a bent knee scoop" position, the signal is slapping the knee.
-With very advanced Gk's, add a leaping hover dive, the signal is pointing up at 45 degrees.
-Repeat only 2-3 times do not over-use.

Punch &
-Begin like the Flopping Pairs drill in "Hand Skills", 2 Gk's kneeling across from each other serving up balls for smothers, flops and low dives, one at a time with a 2 handed return to the server with recovery.
-Then have them stand-up and serve each other more flops and dives, also with 2 handed recovery throws.
-Using 3 people, have the Ch or player toss balls to Gk1 who is at first sitting on the ground. Gk1 parries them off to the side to Gk2 who returns the ball to the Ch. Repeat multiple times and even ADD a second ball. Use outside hand for lateral parry and "top" hand for shots above the shoulder.
-Then still using a third person(Gk2)off to the side. Toss a lateral ball to Gk1 so that they have to block, punch or parry the shot to the side towards Gk2. Have Gk2 make a save on the redirection and return ball to coach. Start with Gk1 sitting, and then switch to squatting and finally standing. Switch sides and Gk's.
{short description of image} - Have a game. Set up cone or stake goals behind Gk1, and another off to the side at 90 degrees for Gk2. Serve the shot for the punch or parry to Gk1 who then redirects it at Gk2's goal. Gk2 then must try to save the ball as well. Keep score and switch roles.

Sprint &
H/D/C -Gk starts at one post. Coach has placed a stationary ball out from that post or event further laterally, 12 to 18 yards. Coach then stands out from opposite post with balls.
-Gk sprints to stationary ball and makes flop save, head lateral, with good form, and immediate recovery back to standing.
-Then Gk sprints towards opposite post for a second save. Begin by having second save on stationary ball or very slow rolling ball from coach.
-Progress until second save is off a variety of serves and tosses, high and low depending on the Gk's age and skill level. -Do not over use.


-Borrow some field players or coaches/parents and give each a ball in the goal box.
-Have them wander around dribbling the balls facing the goal doing inbetweens or moving toe-taps, which keeps them fairly immobile.
-Gk darts out from the goal line and smothers the ball at their feet, then immediately recovers and distributes the ball outside. Then Gk does a quick backwards shuffle to the goal line for a touch and then out to pick another pocket.
-At first have the field players passive, but as the Gk gains confidence, allow them to move a little faster and eventually start to really dribble and feint.
{short description of image} - Have a game by keeping time or setting up a target goal for accurate distributions after the smother, both throws and kicks.

H/D/G -Set up 4 balls on the 6yd. line about 2 yds. apart. Gk2 or coach stands out about 8 more yds. just past the PK spot. Gk1 is on the goal line in ready position.
-Coach says "go" and both players race towards a ball. Coach attempts to gain control or shoot, and Gk1 must flop and smother. Later the coach may move in a little closer.
-Variation 1 - The coach must choose only one of the 4 balls and line up behind it. Then Ch must run straight towards that ball and not change direction, to give Gk1 a better chance.
-Variation 2 - Ch can roam left to right and then suddenly dart to one particular ball. Of course, Gk1 should shadow these movements on the goal line.
-Variation 3 - Ch can roam and suddenly change and rush to a different ball in mid run.
-Variation 4 - Have Ch and another player prepare to rush at the ball, with only one finally charging for the ball.
{short description of image} - Have a game, choose your restrictions for the shooters, and keep score.
-ref: http://www.finesoccer.com/goalkeeping_edition_110.htm

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Drill Class Brief Description  
Set and Save B/Fw -Arrange pairs of discs out from each post, converging to a point out towards the 18yd. line.
-Allow about 2yds. outward between each pair of discs as they get farther out.
-Gk moves out through the middle of this "disc runway" and stops between each pair of cones for a brief "gorilla" set position and then moves farther out to set again and again.
-Later, the coach stands near the point where the discs reach a point, with a ball. He shouts "shot!" or brings his foot back from the ball as if to shoot. Gk then snaps into a set position with "light feet" and proper form. Coach shouts "go" and Gk continues to move out to cut down the angle.
-Finally, the coach can point out for shadow dives and even serve some balls.
-This set-up can help demonstrate the "cutting down the angle" concept.

B/Fw/H -Like the "pickpocket" game above in flopping/diving, the Gk will flop in front of the striker with the ball to smother and save.
-This time have coaches or players dribble in from outside the 18yd. line towards the goal. First they should move very slowly with clumsey touches. Later they should dribble more quickly but always allowing the Gk to save. Emphasize dives and flops but foot saves and creativity are also encouraged.
-Set up a stake goal in soft grass, (i.e. not the mud caked stuff usually found in front of the net). Line up several players about 20yds. away and have them dribble in towards the keeper. Once again, at first it should be a slow advance with poor touches to help the keeper gain confidence.
-Later, add a defender to challenge the dribbler and give the Gk more options.
1 v Gk
in Lanes
B/Fw/H -http://www.frii.com/~benji/goalkeeping/ts_breakaway.html
-This is a good drill with Gk's working 1 v 1 with field players in restricted space.
B -This is a very important breakaway drill. Set a disc or cone out to the side and beyond the 18yd. line. Have about 6 field players in 2 lines out past the disc and off farther to the side.
-The coach serves the ball towards the goal and the 2 field players must first run around the disc and then try to gain possesion of the ball. The player who wins the ball is on offense and the other player now tries to defend and rush or foil the shot. This is more game-like and avoids the "1 on Gk" which can be too intimidating at first.
-The Gk moves out from the goal line depending on the situation and prepares to make an appropriate save. At times they will have to "call off" their defender to get to the ball.
-The coach can make it easier for the Gk by serving the ball closer to the keeper, and later it is more difficult by serving it closer to the players.
-Once again with all the drills that may involve diving, it is better to set up a temporary goal in soft grass, away from the overused goal mouth.

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
  Reflex Drills  
Drill Class Brief Description
-*Concentrate on proper hands and shape. All missed saves must be smothered or faced like game conditions. Emphasize gorilla set position before each shot.*
Rx/H -Gk1 has legs apart and faces Gk2. Gk2 "nutmeg" passes the ball thru Gk1's legs to the coach who is 10ft. behind.
Gk1 whirls to face coach who 1st times the ball for a save.
-Same concept but with solo Gk. Gk faces into goal, rolls ball back to PK between legs for Ch to 1st time shoot. Also, have Gk1 sitting facing net, then tosses ball back over the head to PK for 1st time shot.
Rx/H The following progressions are set up in the goal mouth. Each progression should be a series of 6-10 saves done in rapid succession and then switch keepers. Many use the Gk2 to serve passes to the coach who will softly "one-time" a shot at the Gk1. This adds a little more realism to the drill. Each time the keeper saves they immediately recover back to their feet for the next save.
-First - Kneeling Saves (half goal) - have Gk kneeling in goal mouth, using half the goal.
-Gk2 at the goalpost, serves the ball to the coach at the 6-8yd. line who 1st times it to Gk1 for a save. Repeat quickly 8 -10 times.
-Second - Standing Saves (full goal) - have Gk1 standing in center of goal mouth with same set-up but use entire goal. Coach 1st times shots to both sides. Repeat quickly 8 - 10 times.
-Third - Touch the post and save - have Gk1 standing in the goal mouth next to near post. Gk1 side shuffles to near post for touch. Gk2 is standing there with balls and serves ball out to coach at 6-8yd. line for 1st timer. Gk1 must react back into the goal mouth for save. Repeat 8 - 10 times.
-Fourth - Facing sideline and touch post - start with Gk1 at near post in set position facing out to sideline. Gk1 touches post, coach yells "Go!", and Gk1 flies across goalmouth to save with punch or parry. Coach hand serves ball to make keeper stretch. All in one direction, then switch.
-Fifth - Touch both posts and save twice - Gk1 touches near post and darts for save. Then Gk1 immediately touches far post and recovers for another save. Repeat darting back and forth 8 - 10 times. Balls can be served by hand or foot shots. Best done with 2 servers each with 4-5 balls.
-Sixth - Laying down near post and save - Gk1 lays on the ground at near post, hands out facing out towards sideline. Coach yells "Go!" and Gk1 pops up to recover and make save back in the goal mouth. then Gk1 lays down at far post and repeats 8 - 10 times. Best with 2 servers.
-Seventh - Salmon leaps from tossed balls - Gk1 stands in middle of goalmouth and coach tosses or kicks shots towards upper corners for salmon leap saves.
Cage Saves or
Rx/H -Set up a triangle with posts creating 3 different goalmouths. Gk starts in the middle of the triangle. 3 or more field players surround this triangle passing the ball around. The Gk shadows these passes and sets up in each appropriate side of the triangle waiting for the shot. The field players must make a "one-timer" shot off a pass at the Gk. Play for about 10 shots and then change keepers.
-Try variations where the field players chip and head the ball. Have the field players only shoot with their weak foot. Allow only rolling balls. Only allow shots from the field players after they make a legitimate feint or fake.....etc.
Rx/H -Set up 2-4 goals facing each other about 10yds apart with a Gk in each goal.
-With 2 keepers have the goals face each other, with 3 keepers make a triangle, and with 4 make a square.
-Coach stands between the goals, in the middle, and receives a tossed or rolled ball from one of the Gk's. Coach then alternates shots at the other Gk's for reaction saves. Then they toss or roll the ball back to the coach for a "first timer" shot at the other keeper. Repeat 10 - 12 times.

Rx/H -Gk1 stands in goal mouth facing the net, back to the field. Have other Gk's and coaches out around the PK or farther with many balls in 3 separate groups, some down the middle and some to the side.
-The servers take turns yelling "Go!" to signal the Gk1 to whirl and make save. Begin with easier shots and then progress.
-Also with the keeper facing away, have the Gk toss the ball backwards between their legs or over thier head to the field players and coaches who shoot as the Gk whirls to save. Start with restrictions on the shooters only allowing rolling shots with their weak foot, etc.
Parry &
Rx/H -Gk sits or kneels in goal mouth, facing away from the field. Gk then tosses ball up and slaps or parries ball backwards over their head towards the coach who waits at about the 6yd. line. Coach then 1st times shot to Gk who must turn, recover and make a save. Repeat.  
Rx/H -Gk kneels or stands facing coach who has a soccer ball in each outstretched hand. Coach suddenly drops one ball for Gk to react and save. Gk recovers and coach repeats dropping one side and then another.
-At first, Gk simply catches ball, one or two handed from squat.
-Next toss ball more to the side for a flop and immed. recovery.
-Next place balls on ground 10ft. apart and lunge towards ball for fake shot as Gk dives to block, immed. recovery.
Crossfire Rx/H -Set up a goal with posts or cones. Gk1 stands in goal. Coach stands back 10yds. on one side and Gk2 stands 10yds. back on the other side. Coach starts by shooting for Gk1 save. After Gk1 recovers quickly and returns ball to coach they must whirl and save shot from Gk2. Repeat.

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Salmon Leaps - Punches & Parries
Drill Class Brief Description
Parry-101 S/H -Have Gk1 toss the ball overhead. When it falls back to their outstretched arms they should practice redirecting the ball behind them with their palms and fingertips. Gk2 can stand behind to shag the balls.
-Next have Gk1 kneeling while coach serves thrown balls overhead and later to the side for parrys with proper form. The palms should usually face out towards the shot and brush the ball back into the new direction. Gk2 can shag and return the balls.
-Next Gk1 stands in goal mouth and the coach tosses soft shots to about the height of the crossbar. Gk1 jumps and redirects the ball back over the crossbar using proper parrying form.
-Next coach begins to serve harder thrown balls to Gk1 who parries them over the goal and off to the side towards Gk2.
Punch-101 S/H -Have Gk1 and Gk2 face each other 3yds. apart. Gk1 serves ball to Gk2 who returns it to Gk1 with a controlled 2 fisted punch. Gk1 saves.
-Next do the same but have Gk1 return the ball to Gk2 with a 2 fisted punch. Count how many reps can be done. Increase the separation.
-Next do the same but over the top of the goal, back and forth.
-Next use 3 or 4 Gk's and coaches in a triangle or square, punching the ball back and forth and to the side. Count reps.
{short description of image}-Have a volleyball type game over the goal or over some stakes, keep score. Use punches and parries.
-Have Gk1 stand in goal while the coach serves thrown and kicked balls into the goalbox for punch outs. Then add Gk2 to provide passive and then more active interference. Finally add field players who try to head the ball and interfer with the Gk during punch outs. The balls should be served in from the side and flank.
Punch &
S/H -Start like the 3 person "punch & parry described above in "Diving and Flopping".
-Set up a goal behind Gk1 or use regular goal.
-The coach will serve a high ball to the side at Gk1 for punch or parry. Gk1 leaps and redirects ball to Gk2 who stands off to the side and makes a save on the redirection and then returns ball to coach. If you have a Gk3 set them up on the other side.
-Then have them stand-up and serve each other more flops and dives, also with 2 handed recovery throws.
-Using 3 people, have the Ch or player toss balls to Gk1 who is at first sitting on the ground. Gk1 parries them off to the side to Gk2 who returns the ball to the Ch. Repeat multiple times and even ADD a second ball. Use outside hand for lateral parry and "top" hand for shots above the shoulder.
-Then still using a third person(Gk2)off to the side. Toss a lateral ball to Gk1 so that they have to block, punch or parry the shot to the side towards Gk2. Have Gk2 make a save on the redirection and return ball to coach. Start with Gk1 sitting, and then switch to squatting and finally standing. Switch sides and Gk's.
{short description of image}-Have a game by setting up a goal behind Gk2 and (Gk3)who must save or be scored upon. Keep score.
S/H -Start with coach and balls out near PK spot. Coach holds one ball.
-Gk moves out to touch ball and then backpedals towards goal line.
-At this point coach serves high ball toward post for Gk to punch or parry.
-Start by telling Gk which side serve will go to, but then suprise them.
-Later, move starting spot farther out as Gk improves.
see http://www.eteamz.com/soccer/instruction/tips/tip.cfm/335

Class Key:
W=warmup Fd=field skills H=hand skills Fw=footwork C=conditioning D=Diving
B=breakaways Rx=reactions Tk=Throws&kicks S=salmon leaps G=games  {short description of image}  
Kicking and Throwing
Drill Class Description  
Tk -2 Gk's face each other 30yds. apart and trade long kicks. Emphasize proper placement of the ball, and leg/body mechanics. Experiment with length of run onto ball. Set up huge cone goals and have Gk's make appropriate saves.
{short description of image}-Have a game where Gk gets 1 point for a bouncing/rolling shot between the cones and 3 points for an aerial shot to the target goal.
Tk -Same as above but Gk's throw the ball back and forth with javelin throws or bowling rolls.
{short description of image}-Set up goals and have the Gk's try to hurl the ball past each other while defending Gk makes appropriate save. Vary the distance between the goals. Keep score.
Back Pass
Tk -Set up 2 side by side long channels approx. 30yds x 10yds.
-Gk1 fires shot down channel to Gk2 who controls with body and touches to the other channel. Gk2 then fires kick down that channel to Gk1 who has also shifted to new channel. Gk1 then shifts back to first channel and kicks again.
-Next add coach or Gk3 in the middle to provide back passes. Gk1 will pass a short 1-2 pass to coach who returns it immediately to Gk1 to clear with a 1st timer down the channel to Gk2. Then Gk2 does 1-2 pass with coach and clears back to Gk1.
-Coach returns pass with rolling passes but also more difficult bouncing balls for the Gk's to clear. Use 1 and 2 touches but no more.
& Long
Tk/C -This is a good field player drill but works for Gk's
-3 players are needed, or 2 players and a coach. Gk1 and Gk2 start near each other and pass 3 quick short passes. Then Gk2 hits a long pass down to Gk3 who is standing 30-40 yds. away.
-Then Gk1 (who didn't hit the long ball), makes the run towards Gk3 to receive the next short 1-2-3 pass from Gk3.
-The pattern repeats now as Gk3 makes 3 short passes with Gk2 and then they hit another long ball back towards Gk1. The player not hitting the long ball makes the run.
Tk/C {short description of image}-Organize a 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 GK-ball game.
-Set up 2 goals in a grid. Teams can only advance the ball by throwing and catching the ball. Once they catch the ball they must come to a stop and look for the next pass or shoot. Basketball type "no contact" defending. Emphasize proper form from the Gk's as they hurl their shots at the goal.
-Players near goal mouth can make appropriate Gk saves.
-Variations include:
*Players may catch/control the ball even after 1 or more bounces.
*Or, if player fails to catch ball it goes to the other team.
*Players must score only with fast "rolling" balls.
*Players must drop the ball and volley it thru the goal to score.
*Players must serve the ball to a team mate for a volley or head shot.
*Teams cannot score until all players have touched the ball.